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Bi Parel

Shaylene Paige Morris knows no bounds when it comes to reaching for her dreams. The 26-year-old young entrepreneur and graduate from the University of Johannesburg has ensured that her vision and future in fashion is made a reality through commitment and hard work.
Upon completing her studies at the University of Johannesburg in 2016, Shaylene interned with the renowned Edcon Group, through the Edcon Design Innovation Challenge, where she got the opportunity to learn about the business of fashion in a structured and creative retail environment. With a creative aim of ‘comfortably standing out,’ it was in 2017 that she started her unisex street couture brand, BI PAREL, a label that produces hand crafted garments that are loose fitted with comfortable silhouettes.
BI PAREL draws much inspiration from the Japanese street culture, which is the designer’s focal point. She uses prints and colouring to bring out this edgy street culture look which comes out in the different creations.
Shaylene’s passion for detail and pattern work make for some creative fashion pieces that are unique and interesting. This distinctive street couture brand provides a mix of street and grandeur fashion for millennials and generation Z’s who strive to be different and expressive during an era of overpowering trends. Although the brand is still young, it has come a long way in the past year and continues to grow in its vision of becoming a household name.

Autumn | Winter 2019 Collection
Autumn | Winter 2019 Show

Autumn | Winter 2019 Show
Spring | Summer 2018 Collection