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Clive Rundle

Designers plan collections seasonally, based on trend forecasts. There are however, a select few designers, globally, that are able to change our perception of fashion. Designers who do not follow the trends, but rather, create them. Clive Rundle is such a designer.
The Zimbabwean-born, South African dubs himself as ‘a constructionist’, with intricate structure being the essence of his design. The inherent structuring of his patterns can lead the translation in any direction: frugal, avant-garde, classical, elaborate and contemporary. His fashion vision is communicated through meticulous use of form, line, colour and texture.
Internationally recognized for his unique innovation, Clive has worked with global fashion powerhouse, Antwerp-based BVBA 32. As the South-African designer chosen as part of the Commonwealth Fashion Exchange, Clive’s work has been showcased at Buckingham Palace and at the United Nations opening ceremony.
Furthermore, the constructionist was invited as guest lecturer to the Shih Chien University fashion department in Taiwan. His relationship with the university has culminated in an exchange program.

Autumn | Winter 2019 Collection
Autumn | Winter 2019 Show

Autumn | Winter 2019 Show
Spring | Summer 2018 Collection