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Hse of Bespoke

Hse of Bespoke by Waseefa Hutton embraces simple beauty via artistic expression. It breaks the traditional idea of beauty and explores inspired designs that capture the motivations and passions of the modern, yet modest woman. Channelling feminine simplicity for any occasion, ease of movement, enjoyment and comfort are fundamental characteristics behind every piece.

It is a fashion brand that was built upon a philosophy that explores dressing as an everyday phenomenon, both mundane and extraordinary, for women of all ethnicities. Wanting to contribute something special to this daily ritual, our vision is to create modern, wearable pieces that encourage individual instincts and maintain relevance and quality over time. It combines unique products with an essence of seasonal fashion trends, offering the independent and confident BESPOKE women a variety of choice and enabling them to create a style of their own.

Autumn | Winter 2019 Collection
Autumn | Winter 2019 Show