Irina Stetsco

Irina Stetsco is a well-known designer in Russia.She spent childhood and adolescence in cozy town called Ulyanovsk. There were artisans in the Irina’s family – her grandfather made shoes, whilst her grandmother and mother sewed clothes for family and close friends.

Since childhood Irina dreamed about becoming a designer. Irina became a tailor and entered the Culture and Art University. When she was at the third year of the university, she was invited to the Vyacheslav Zaitsev contest “The Provincial Style” in Voronezh with the collection “The Mysterious Garden”. After the competition, she moved to Moscow and entered the Institute of Business and Design and her further step was participation in the Fashion week in Moscow.

The brand “Irina Stetsko” creates new limited collections every month, which are successful among women with an active lifestyle.

Autumn | Winter 2019 Collection
Autumn | Winter 2019 Show