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Thats it (Illovo)
St Lorient Fashion and Art Gallery (Pretoria)
Carabella (Rosebank)
GG Boutique (Pretoria)
Éclectique (Sant Cugar , Barcelona, Spain)
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Loayo Art and Creations

Loayo Art & Creations (Low-Ay-U) is a luxury and limited-edition womenswear clothing range that fuses the world of art with fashion. The spirit behind this, is artist and fashion designer Loubna Ayouche Combalat. Her motto is “Fashion is Art and Art is Fashion” which has led her to move her passion for painting beyond the canvas and into couture. The cornerstones of the brand’s philosophy are happiness, vibrancy, innovation and creativity. All Loayo’s garments are designed and manufactured in South Africa. Stocked by That’s it (Illovo), St Lorient fashion and art gallery (Pretoria), Carabella (Rosebank), Éclectique (Sant Cugar, Barcelona, Spain).

Spring | Summer 2018 Collection
Spring | Summer 2018 Show
Autumn | Winter 2018 Collection