Zeng Fengfei

ZENG FENGFEI emphasizes the design concept of “Chinese ideas as core and Western learnings for utility”, which fully embodies the modern design concept of culture fusion. The brand ‚ÄúZENG FENGFEI‚ÄĚ absorbs the essence of oriental culture and creates a new vision of oriental elements.

Founder and Chief Designer, Zeng Fengfei, is the Vice-President of China Fashion Association (CFA) and the President of Fujian Fashion Association. Amongst his many accolades, Zeng also won the title of “China’s Best Menswear Designer” six times, and is the recipient of the most prestigious award in China‚Äôs Fashion, the Gold Top Award.

Autumn | Winter 2019 Collection
Autumn | Winter 2019 Show