27 October
Doors Open at 15h30
Dress code: Fashionably
Formal, No Colour


Hosted at the New Home of
SA Fashion Week

SA Fashion Week Main Auditorium | Sandton City Rooftop |
Sandton Drive


Seated tickets R175-00
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The Campaign for Wool showcases a Premiere of Slowing Down Fast Fashion in South Africa:

It is no secret that during the past few decades the world has profoundly changed the way it consumes fashion. Millions of tonnes of clothes are thrown away into landfill each year.
According to a report published by McKinsey & Company, global clothing production doubled from 2000 to 2014, the number of garments purchased each year increased by an average of 60 per cent and consumers keep items of clothing for about half as long as they did 15 years ago. Alarmingly, the report also suggests that consumers treat low-priced garments as nearly disposable, discarding them after just seven or eight wears.
Highlighting these challenges and promoting new opportunities The Campaign for Wool is having an exclusive screening of the award-winning documentary Slowing Down Fast Fashion. Presented by Alex James, the bassist of British band Blur, environmentalist and cheese farmer. The documentary screening provides a unique opportunity for the South African fashion industry’s top influencers to learn, discuss, and consider their commitment to address the issues at hand. It investigates global fashion production and looks at various apparel fibres, assessing their benefits and issues relating to biodegradability, landfill and safety.
“We wanted to give people an opportunity to see their options when it comes to choosing long-lasting, biodegradable clothes made from fibres such as wool, which unlike man-made materials, break down quickly and don’t clog up landfill sites indefinitely,” says James.
Slowing Down Fast Fashion premiered at the Berlin Fashion Film Festival in June 2016, which every year brings together top creatives and thought-leaders to present and award the best film productions on fashion, beauty and lifestyle, focusing on celebrating talent and learning. Later that year it was awarded Best Fashion Documentary at the 2016 London Fashion Film Festival, and earlier this year an environmental award when it won the main prize in Current Affairs at the Ekotopfilm – Envirofilm.
Colin Offland, CEO, Chief Productions commented “We’re truly flattered and extremely proud that Slowing Down Fast Fashion has picked up these awards. The Ekotopfilm – Envirofilm festival and this category especially have recognised some fantastic documentaries over the years that have gone on to achieve great impact, and that’s obviously the most important thing we wanted to deliver. We sincerely hope that Alex James’ efforts can start changing the way we think about clothes shopping and the environmental damage caused by the fast fashion epidemic.”
The Prince of Wales’ Campaign for Wool is delighted that Alex James has put the biodegradable and ecological claims of wool under the microscope which has resulted in the film winning two prestigious awards in both the fashion and environmental sectors, supporting the films conclusion that opting for wool can indeed make a significant contribution to reducing the negative impact of fashion on the environment” said Peter Ackroyd, COO of The Campaign for Wool.
Debuting recently in Japan, the extension of the message to promote wool as a natural, renewable and biodegradable continues around the globe and in South Africa it will consist of an exclusive VIP premiere on October 27th, followed by panel discussions between high-level industry representatives.
About The Campaign for Wool
The Campaign for Wool was launched in 2010 to educate consumers about the benefits of wool, promote wool-rich products to a national audience and help to support and grow the wool industry. Run by a coalition of industry groups convened by HRH The Prince of Wales, the Campaign works to engage consumers through exciting fashion, interiors, artisan and design lead activities centering around Wool Week each year.
The Campaign for Wool is jointly funded by some of the largest woolgrower organisations in the world. Key nation partners include the British Wool Marketing Board, Australian Wool Innovation/The Woolmark Company, Cape Wools South Africa and Campaign for Wool New Zealand. All have shown incredible support and contributed to the global success of His Royal Highness’ Campaign for Wool since its inception.

Facilitator: Peter Ackroyd (President of the ITWO)
Lucilla Booyzen (Director: SA Fashion Week)
Louis De Beer (CEO: Cape Wools SA)
Sage Paul (Canadian Indigenous Artist/Designer)

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