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Calliopi By Design

Inspired by the Mediterranean, Calliopi by Design was founded out of love, passion and dedication.

Founded by Callie Bofilatos in 2014, Calliopi by Design has a wide variety of unique jewellery pieces and accessories, which consist of a mixture of handmade and imported pieces for men, women and children.

“When I started off, each bracelet and necklace I made was either for a friend or for someone I knew, as I had never thought about actually selling my jewellery – until I received my first order,” says Callie. “The vibrant colours and designs I use are an inspiration from the beautiful islands in the Mediterranean, together with my deep roots of Greek and Cypriot heritage.”

Her designs are minimalistic, vibrant, subtle and striking. Callie aims to make a breakthrough in the South African market with her handcrafted and uniquely designed pieces to add to South Africa’s multi-diverse culture