Enhle Mbali began her journey with fashion from a young age where she dreamed of creating garments that reflected her sense of style and place in the creative world.

“I would cut up my clothes and stitch them together by hand and people couldn’t tell it was hand-stitched. I found that I had a good eye artistically and stylistically; things designers had to go to school for I easily grasped and enjoyed.” – Enhle Mbali, ContĂ© 20Something Edition

Enhle launched her maternity wear range SE Preggoz, in 2015, in South Africa and New York in order to fill a gap in the market and provide fashionable, yet comfortable clothing for mothers-to-be. The collection sold out within weeks of its launch.

The ESSIE collection will consist of fashion-forward clothing for women. It is inspired by bold and edgy looks that emulate the notion of ‘The Globetrotter’ and ‘International Jetsetter’ and is a fusion of Enhle’s personal style, which is a combination of simplistic, yet edgy with class. The collection combines an evolution of emotional experiences, travel and an innate passion for the arts. Her ethos is embodied in the collection – Keep moving forward to push boundaries, never stop.

Autumn | Winter 2020 Collection