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“Inspire creativity” is the aesthetic of the Xavier Sadan label – an innovative mix of clean design elements and unique construction methods. Michael was inspired by the Lego and Transformer toys from his childhood, interpreting its adaptability in his garments.
Removable, interchangeable pockets encourage the user to interact with clothes, and the textures and colour palette were inspired by the classic menswear pieces in his father’s closet. Michael translates life experiences into a distinctive collaboration between art and design.
The label is created for bold, multi-faceted women and men who are united by a love for creativity. The collection is unisex; rooted in menswear. Each piece is an experience, exploring the area between soft masculinity and strong femininity.
In six years, surrounded by people who inspire his creativity, he sees himself owning his own designer label which would be produced locally and be sold globally.

Autumn | Winter 2020 Collection