Thato was born in Soweto in 1990. Thato’s love for fashion began when she lived with her grandmother who is from a royal family in the North -West. She has fond memories of going shopping with her grandmother to exclusive clothing boutiques. Those memories still influence her style today. Thato studied Entrepreneurship at the University of Johannesburg and graduated in 2015.

While she was studying, Thato worked at a clothing boutique as an assistant manager. Her experience gave her the confidence to start her clothing label. In December 2015, Thato started her label, Armor Designs. Thato then presented her designs to The Box Shop for an opportunity to display her clothes at Vilakazi street to gain access to the market.

After seeing that her designs were selling well at The Box Shop, she decided to expand her brand and apply to supply Burgundy Fly. Thato continues to grow Armor and her manufacturing dream.

Autumn | Winter 2020 Collection