Throwaway Twenty

Throwaway Twenty founders, Lana Enslin and Rome Wepener, pencilled the idea of starting a menswear label together in a bookstore in the Middle East, during their travels in Asia and Europe.
In the midst of a conversation about life experiences and nostalgic wild anecdotes, former fashion model, Lana, spoke about someone she knew who had an exceptionally colourful youth and how he threw his twenties away. It was then that ‘Throwaway Twenty’ was born.
Throwaway Twenty is an unapologetic menswear brand that is all about offbeat and suave design, with a youthful tongue-in-cheek point of view. From classic menswear with youthful characteristics, to unrepentant raw statement pieces; Throwaway Twenty embodies everything the dynamic duo love, and is the golden thread that runs through all their garments.
“Throwaway Twenty is about making the best mistakes. It’s about being mischievous, gutsy and unapologetic on a road to rediscovery. It’s about taking the underdogs along on the journey and coming home reborn, showing the rest how we’ve lived and how we live now.
It’s for everyone who needs a comeback story. It’s for the fighters, the dreamers, the lovers, the poets, the charmers, the players, the courageous, the lost, the crazy stupid and the next generation.” – Lana and Rome.