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Wanda Lephoto

Wanda Lephoto is a ready-to-wear brand, founded in 2016 out of the need to tell stories.

Finding its inspiration from traditional cultural practices and modern subculture styles, Wanda Lephoto aims to fuse stories creating cultural hybrids to communicate rarely-explored contexts, impacting the future of creative story-telling.

“We are here to tell stories, aiming to educate people through style,” says Lephoto. “In a time where the world looks at Africa for inspiration, it is interesting to observe what we as Africans do and where we go. Often having to re-appropriate our own culture against the commercial viability the West has over us, we seldom look past aestheticism to unwrap the true nature of who we are.”

Having recently introduced ladies wear to his eponymous brand, Wanda’s collections are street-wear and workwear influenced, steered by the need for a personal touch and craftsmanship.

Spring | Summer 2019 Collection
Spring | Summer 2019 Show

Spring | Summer 2019 Show

Autumn | Winter 2019 Collection